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Freelancer to Paidlancer Ebook


Get clients, get hired, get paid and run your freelance design business more effectively.

In this book, you'll learn how to create an irresistible freelance portfolio, network, land clients and manage your project workflows so you can run your freelance design business more effectively.

What's inside the ebook:

Finding Clients

  • Creating your Portfolio
  • The Paidlancer Mindset
  • Finding Potential Jobs and Applying
  • Building Your Brand
  • Networking

Keeping Clients

  • How to Pitch to Potential Clients
  • Preparing the Project Brief and Estimate
  • Creating your Contract/Service Agreement

Managing Clients

  • Managing Your Client Project
  • Time-keeping and Documenting your work
  • Working with an In-House Team 
  • Scope Creep and Check-in Points
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Project Hand-Off

About The Author

Elizabeth Alli is a product (UI/UX) designer with a 12 year history of designing B2B and B2C products.

Elizabeth currently teaches a UI/UX and product design master course at DesignerUp helping aspiring designers break into the design industry or make successful career transitions from other fields. She strives to continually find ways to lower the barrier to entry and give designers from all walks of life a path to mastering their craft and entering into the industry or transitioning to higher paying jobs in design by sharing design education and resources.

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Freelancer to Paidlancer Ebook

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